Christmas time is here :)

Hola Everyone!

Well we had a pretty hectic week! Christmas is definitely getting closer! It’s gotten a little cold here (not cold enough to snow – Texas beat us on that one). It’s kind of annoying because it’s hot during the day but cold at night and in the morning. Today we got up super early to wash clothes and the water was SOOO cold. I think my hands just about froze. I couldn’t move my fingers haha. But you gotta do what you gotta do to save time πŸ™‚

Today I got to visit some people from Xonacatepec so that was really nice. It’s great getting to see old investigators and members again πŸ™‚ I know I’ll really treasure the friendships I’ve made here! I just love these people so much!

We are actually going to have a schedule change for december. Usually we go back home at 9 o clock every night, but now for the hermanas we have to be home at 7PM for safety, unless we’re with a member (male) who’s accompanying us. It’ll be really weird to study at night instead of in the morning. (please pray for me so that I can stay awake haha!)

We did intercambios with the hermanas en Xonacatepec. I don’t have pictures but I’ll try to send some later.

Well the truth is, we’ve had kind of a hard week this week. A lot of our investigators disappeared haha. Margarita (the miracle from last week!) disappeared completely. We called her, texted her, knocked on her door, and nothing. It must be for the holidays, lots of people are working a lot. Vicente and Dolores are also working a lot. We tried to go to the market where they work but we couldn’t teach. Too much music and noise. It’s kind of annoying but there’s not much we can do. Almost all of our appointments fell through this week, which is a bummer too. One night when we were doing our companionship prayer, Hna Badger said "Thank you for all the people who reject us, and thank you because all the appointments fell through today" and the both of us just bursted out laughing (not very reverent, but I just had to laugh at our luck haha)! But really, we have to be greatful for all of it. You just gotta look at the bright side – when there aren’t appointments, there’s more time to look for new investigators! We keep talking with everyone! We have found some awesome people. We showed the Light the world video to a mother in the street and she started to cry. It really touched her.

I love being a missionary, and I love the experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve met, and the people I’ve taught. It’s definitely gone by too fast. Being able to talk about the gospel every single day is a huge blessing. I’m so glad the I was "called to serve" as the song says πŸ™‚ I’m trying to enjoy every minute that’s left.

Love yall!

Hna Zutz


(Old pictures – on the way to grajales there was a lot of fog)

(When your shoes break but it doesnt make sense to buy new ones – use KOLA LOKA (mexican super glue)

(our district activity – preparing for a piΓ±ata competition. It’ll be a boat when it’s finished (haha it’s upside down)

​(This week we have been "running around like chickens with our heads cut off πŸ™‚ – yes, that is how they sell chickens here, hanging)


One giant miracle!

Well we had a hard, good, tiring week haha!

First off, we had intercambios with Bosques and another area called Grajales!

(Las hermanas de bosques – Hna Romero and Mi Hija – Hermana Castro!)

(Another – sorry about the camera strap lol)

I brought Hermana Castro over to Alamos Tuesday and we had a really good day! It was nice to spend a day with her again and work hard and catch up πŸ™‚

Then on Friday, we had intercambios with Grajales, which is an area about an hour away from us. It is an area with a ton of pueblitos (really small towns) and it is SO COLD there. I almost died at night from the cold haha we had tosleep with like 4 shirts and my coat and also tights and leggings and we were still cold haha. I feel really bad for the hermanas who have to sleep there, nut really, their area is awesome! It is a branch that has 35 people who attend each sunday. There isn’t even a church building, just a "prayer house" – it’s literally a house with a room fixed up to be the chapel. But the members are really awesome and really willing to participate in the missionary work. We had a great day there!

(Hermana Herrera and I dying of cold in Grajales!)

(In the bus central meeting back up!)

Well like I said, we had a hard but good week here!

We have been trying new ideas to find new investigators, and we have realized that using the Light the World video is really awesome! The people really like it and are a lot more willing to listen to us! So we have had fun doing that. We also went as a district with our santa hats to sing christmas carols in el centro (downtown) and it was fun. We caught some people’s attention so that’s good !

The week was a little hard because we have seen lots of challenges. Some of our investigators disappeared, so we haven’t been able to talk to them 😦 lots of them need to get divorced and then get married which isn’t fun because it takes a long time to do that. We have been contacting lots and lots of people but the appointments have all fallen through. We felt a little discouraged but we received blessings from the elders in the neighboring ward and after that we felt a lot better.

We are also really happy because we had a giant miracle this week! When we were in Intercambios, Hna Badger and the other Hna contacted a 25 year old girl named Margarita!
She is AWESOME! They showed her the Light the World video and she loved it! She asked them what time were our church services and said she wanted to go. Well yesterday she came to church with us, stayed all 3 hours and she loved it! She was so happy! She also came and watched the christmas devotional and loved it to. She read the pamphlet of the restoration we gave her and prayed to know if it was true and said that she felt really good about everything. We couldn’t believe it! But we are really happy for her so please pray for her so she can be baptized soon πŸ™‚

Hope yall have a great week!

Hna Zutz

Despedida de Camino Real

So since it’s my last transfer, they give us the chance to visit some of our old areas and say goodbye, so today I got to go to Camino Real!


Mariana! Her empanadas are still great!

My best convert, ANDREA πŸ˜€ we ate lunch with her, luis and annelisse

Hna Andrea and Hna Badger and I

sorry it’s a little blurry

hna andrea gave us a little early christmas present!

Christmas Miracles, Chicken Brains, Falling Down, and Thankful for all of it!

Hola Everyone!

Well… we had an absolutely crazy week as you can see from the title… some pretty funny things happened…

– "I’m grateful for all the days I had food poisoning, because they made me stronger" – Hermana Badger on Thanksgiving Day.

– "It’s a Christmas Miracle!!!!!" – One day this week we ran out of gas (the water heaters here run on tanks of gas) and because of that, the water heater didn’t turn on. We accepted the fact that we would have to shower with ice cold water, but then hermana badger screamed, "Hermana, the water is coming out hot!!" We don’t know how that happened, but we decided it was just a Christmas Miracle!

– Well I fell down again this week. Hahaha we were walking near a ditch that has a creek (la barranca) and I didn’t realize there was a hole in the ground and I fell hahaha. My ankle hurt a couple of days but it’s all good now! I told our President, "I always fall down and never hurt myself, so idk what happened this time." He just laughed.


(Hna Badger with her chicken head )

(me with my chicken head)

(We ate the brain… it tasted like chicken haha)

So we had a really good week. There were lots of challenges but lots of miracles.

We had our leadership council Friday. It was sooo spiritual! We talked about what we’re gonna do in the Christmas Conference and also ideas of things to do this christmas to find more people to teach. It’s usually hard for missionary work in the christmas season because everyone starts to work a lot or they go on vacation. But we brainstormed some good ideas! We also talked about why we should be more persistent (don’t take no for an answer) and we have had some fun applying that this week! They also gave us lunch (not really a thanksgiving meal.. fried chicken breast with salad and baked potatoes… but we did get pumpkin pie at the end so that was good!)

(Sister Training Leaders with Hermana Nelson!)

​(we found a pretty cool advertisement! go see the video at!)

So like I said, we saw some challenges this week but also some miracles. We have been talking to EVERYONE! We decided that we needed some new investigators so we have focused a ot this week in contacting! We found an 18 year old girl yesterday (the neighbor of a member) whose name is Nancy. She is awesome! She accepted a baptismal date in the first lesson and she said she’d come to church with us this Sunday πŸ™‚

We’ve seen some challenges with Patricia and Luis… they didn’t come to church this week because they went to Tlaxcala because it was Patricia’s husband’s brother’s birthday hahaha. Patricia’s husband didn’t like church last week, and he gets mad when they go to church all 3 hours because it "messes up his plans". So that has been hard. But we keep praying for them so they can come to church and so Luis can be baptized!

We have seen progress with Dolores and Vicente. We talked about marriage with them again this week and put some goals so they can get married. Today, Vicente is going to go to civil records (idk if that’s what it’s called in English…) to see what they need to do. He also went to check to see if he’s legally divorced and we are hoping that he is so they can get married soon!

Well… that’s all I can think of right now. I hope y’all all had a great thanksgiving and that everyone can start serving to LIGHT THE WORLD

Hna Zutz

Starting my last cambio!!

Ahhhhh I can’t believe that I will be starting my last cambio!! I feel sad and nervous and excited all at the same time haha. The mission really has gone by so fast. I can’t believe that I only have 6 weeks left here. I am planning on making the best out of this last cambio!

We had a good week. Hermana Galicia had to say goodbye to everyone. I was really surprised that she didn’t stress out too much about going home. I hope I can do the same haha πŸ™‚

(Sad to see her leave :()

Yesterday, lots and lots of new missionaries got here, and because of that there wasn’t time to decide all the cambios, so what they did is they put each new missionary in a trio for Monday afternoon. So we got to spend the day with Hermana Nocelo! She is from Matamoros, Mexico and I was really impressed with her. She was talking with people on the bus and everything without us telling her to do it! She only stayed with us for a day but it was really cool to see someone new with so much energy πŸ™‚

(hermana galicia, hermana nocelo, and I!)

(Got to reunite with Hermana Schoenfeld!)

(Adios from la CAPU)

My new companion’s name is Hermana Badger! She is from Utah! I am happy to finally have an american companion hahaha! She has 14 months in the mission. She is awesome, we already knew eachother because when I was in Camino Real she was in the neighboring ward and the wards shared a chapel! She has a lot of energy and I know she’s gonna keep me working until the very last day of my mission haha! We are planning on working very very hard.

(Hermana Badger!)

We saw some really awesome miracles this past week! Luis Angel came back home! He apologized to his mom and when we had a lesson, in his prayer he asked for forgiveness! We knew Patricia’s faith was big enough to make miracles happen! They came to church with us this sunday and an even bigger miracle – patricia’s husband came to church too! We were really surprised but it was so cool! Hopefully he’ll start to listen to us more!

With Vicente and Dolores, we talked about the law of chastity and why they needed to be married and they were sooo receptive! Vicente said " we need to get married, we are living in sin" haha and said that from that night on they now sleep in separate beds hahaha. They said they want to get married, the only thing left is to set a date! That is our goal this week!

We also saw a huge miracle because we had a hard time finding new investigators this week. We said a covenant prayer, telling Heavenly Father that we were going to knock on doors for and hour and that we wanted 4 new investigators. We knocked for about 30 minutes and no one wanted to accept us. But then a car drove up and parked on the other side of the street and 4 people got out of the car! It was a family!! It was just too good to be true. We talked with them, shared a message there in the street and they accepted another appointment!

I hope y’all have a good week and a good thanksgiving!!

Hermana Zutz

Hermana Galicia’s last week!


Well we had a pretty good week! As you can see from the title, this next week is Hermana Galicia’s last week in the mission! Next week we will have transfers! I feel like this transfer has just gone by soooo fast. By the way, next week they are changing our p-day to Tuesday so I will be writing Tuesday!

Exciting news: 3 more of my old investigators in Xonacatepec got baptized this weekend, the 2 girls from the Fernandez Family and Victor!! So exciting!

This week we had a "Christmas training conference" showing us what we will be doing for the Christmas campaign this year. It’s basically the same as last year with the "Light the World" theme – looking for ways to serve every day of Decemeber. We are excited!

(Hermana Herrera, Ferniza, Galicia, and I at the Christmas training)

So we saw some cool miracles this week! We have a couple that we have been teaching. Their names are Vicente and Dolores. They are friends of a bishop in another ward, and he invited them to a family home evening with him and his family. Since they live in our area, they passed us the referral. They are awesome! We have taught them various lessons, and they are really receptive. As always, after teaching the restoration, we committed them to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and if this was the church of Jesus Christ. In the next lesson, Dolores told us that she had a brother who had been really sick. He did some medical exams and they were waiting on the results. She told us that when she said her prayer, she asked for God to give her a sign that the church was true, that sign being that her brother’s tests results would come back fine. She waited, and the test results came back normal! Her brother didn’t have anything wrong. What a miracle (and an answer!)! She was really surprised, and said that God had answered her. They came to church this Sunday and liked it a lot. The only problem is… they’re not married ahhhhhh but we hope they will be soon hahaha!

(gigantic cemita that Dolores and Vicente gave us- sorry it’s blurry)

(hermana galicia with her gigantic cemita)

With Luis Angel, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. He was no longer grounded from going to church, but last weekend something weird happened. Patricia’s brother (17 years old) came over to her house, and him and Luis took some of his mom’s money to go by snacks without asking her. Well of course she got mad, and the whole thing blew up. Turns out that Luis Angel left home to go live with his uncle and grandma. It was all really weird and doesn’t make a lot of sense. But yeah we haven’t seen him. Patricia was really sad and worried, because he refused to come back home. But we were able to read the story of Alma the younger when the angel appeared to him with her. The story says that the Angel appeared to him because of the faithfulness of his father and his father’s prayers. Patricia really does have a TON of faith, and we know that if she keeps praying with faith, everything will work out.

Well, that’s about all I have to say. I hope y’all have a good week!

Hermana Zutz

(Dirt roads = dirty shoes)

(our view of La Malinche today! We went to some of Hna Galicia’s old areas so she could say goodbye)

(Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl)

16 Months and DΓ­a de los Muertos (de los pantalones)!


Well we had a suuuuuuper busy week this week. Here are some cool things that happened:

– Yesterday I completed 16 Months in the mission. I can’t believe I just have 2 months left :O It just keeps going by faster and faster!

– This week (November 1 and 2), el dΓ­a de los muertos (day of the dead) was celebrated here in Mexico, which basically means that this week was really hard lol. Since the holiday is celebrated basically only by catholics (basically everyone), everyone remembered that they were catholic and decided not to listed to us hahaha. We had a really hard time finding our investigators because everyone goes out to parties, ect. But it was pretty cool. THey have some cool traditions. They always make "pan de muerto" called "hojaldras". It’s pretty good. Look up hojaldras if you wanna see pictures. We ate a lot of that! And they put "offerings" with a certain type of flower, and on the table they put all the food that the dead person liked. It’s pretty interesting

– Now we are offically back to skirts 😦 We are sad. And also we think there are more mosquitos now than in the summer haha because we have gotten bit up (even though we are using bug spray!)

– Also, 3 of my investigators from Xonacatepec got baptized this past weekend (Ariadna, Aline, and Juan Carlos)! So exciting!!

Tuesday, we had our Zone Conference. Hermana Galicia and I had to to train about how to extend a committment invitation to investigators (invite them to come to church, read the book of mormon, ect). We did an object lesson that was pretty funny. We asked for a volunteer, and then gave them a cup of some brown liquid (if was really just orange juice with food coloring) and told them to drink it. At first they didn’t want to do it, but we convinced them, offering them chocolate, telling them it was good, ect. Then went they drank it they realized it was good hahaha. But yeah we related that to asking investigators to do things they normally wouldn’t do, things that to them sound crazy like closing their business on Tuesday, stopping drinking coffee, ect. And we talked about how we have the power to promise specific blessing to our investigators for if they keep their committment. We also have to warn them of the consequences if they dont keep it. It went well. We were all stressed because we had to traing 3 different groups for 30 minutes each, but it went really well! And not surprisingly, the elders were a lot more willing to drink the brown drink than the hermanas hahaha!

We also did intercambios with the hermanas from Libres (like an hour and a half away from Puebla). It was fun. I stayed with Hermana Urias in Libres. We didn’t find a lot of people because it was Nov. 2, but we did get to teach some lessons so that was good!

(in the hermanas’ house, there’s a mystery door… in the roof…)

(the view of Libres)

(day of the dead tradition – put a cross on the door or on the floor in front of the door with these orange flowers… aparently it’s so the dead person recognizes the house so they can come in and "eat" the offering)

(On the bus back to Puebla with Hermana Urias)

We saw a small miracle with Patricia and Luis Angel. They came to baptism in another ward with us , where a family of 5 got baptized! It was really nice. They loved it! Also, Luis Angel’s stepdad actually listened to us a little!! Before, he always left when we arrived, but this time he stayed at the end of the lesson and during the last prayer. Last week, when we got to their house, he was changing the tire of his car, and we offered to help him (really, we don’t know anything about changing tires, but we offered nonetheless), and he said no thanks. But Patricia told us that afterward he started to ask her a bunch of questions about us, what we do, why we offered to help, did we really know how to change a tire, ect haha. She told us that he was impressed that we had offered to help him. So we think that’s why he stayed during the lesson! Patricia and Luis Angel still didn’t come to church, but hopefully they come next week!

(with Lulu, Patricia and Luis Angel’s cat)

(We love LULU!!!)

Also, yesterday Hermana Galicia had a really bad day. First, her stomach hurt a lot because of what we ate in la comida, and then, walking to an appointment, she tripped over a wire hanger that was laying in the road and tore up her knee. I felt really bad for her. When we got home, she died on my bed haha

​(day of the dead, right?)

But now she’s better, so that’s good! (I had to clean her knee for her hahaha)

Well I hope y’all all have a good week!

Hermana Zutz

Zone Conference- October 31

Here are some photos from our Zone Conference!

(Zona La Paz- Fuertes) p.s. sorry it’s blurry

(Hermana Galicia and I!)

(Hermana Castro and Hermana Stewart!!)

(The Trio in fuertes – Hermana Santizo, Hermana Hualpa, and Hermana Steadman – we matched a lot haha)

(las hermanas de bosques – hermana castaΓ±on and hermana romero)

Selfie πŸ™‚