Dos guatemaltecas y una güera :)

Hola a todos!

Ya me dio un poquito mas de tiempo! Sorry I started to write in Spanish haha sometimes I get confused. So we just finished a training session for our new companion, Hermana Castañon! She is from Guatemala City, Guatemala. I don’t know why, but I think I’m destined to have Guatemalan companions for the rest of my mission hahaha. That’s ok, I like it 🙂

(Hermana Santizo, Hermana Castañon, and I)

We will be in a trio for 2 weeks until transfers, then I will be staying in Xona and Hna Santizo & Hna Castañon will be opening another area! I think it’ll be fun!

So our investigators are doing really well. We have luckily found some GOLD here in Xonacatepec (Irma and Raul!)

They both came to church this week and are preparing to be baptized! Like I said, Irma’s baptism is this Saturday! Please pray for her that nothing will impede her to be baptized! She is super duper sweet and loves the church. When our ward mission leader asked her how she was this Sunday, she replied "with a lot of joy!". I feel so blessed that we were able to find and teach her and see her take the most important decision she’ll take in her life, to get baptized!!

Raul is also doing really well. We have lessons with him practically every day. He loves learning and he get’s so happy when we teach him something new. He has some really deep doctrinal questions and I love his enthusiasm to always learn more. Yesterday after taking the Sacrament at church, he turned to the hermano at his side and asked him if there was anything special in the water, because when he drank it, he felt like his temperature went up. The hermano explained to him that it was just plain water hahaha. In our sunday school class, hna santizo and I taught a lesson on the sacrament. When Raul told us that story, we were able to explain to him that he was feeling the spirit. Although the water is just plain water, it is blessed and sanctified to represent the blood of Jesus Christ, which was shed for us as an atonement for our sins. When we take the sacrament, we can take that time to remember the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross. It is a moment so special, and a moment where we can really feel the Holy Ghost. That was what Raul was feeling. We then invited him and all of the class members to come to church every week so that they could feel the spirit!!

We are doing great here! I love being a missionary, and I can’t believe that this Wednesday, I’ll have a year here in the mission. It has gone by so fast!

Hope you are all doing well!

Hermana Zutz


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