Miracles and a new companion!!

Hey everyone!!

So we had a great week this week! It was the last week of our trio, so we tried to enjoy it the best we could!

As you can see from the pictures I posted, Raul got baptized! He was so happy!

We saw a huge miracle with him this week. So we have been teaching him for about 5 weeks, and he had wanted to be baptized for a while. The only thing was, he didn’t want to tell his wife that he was going to be baptized. She knew that we had been teaching him and all, because she was there when we were there, but she didn’t know that he was going to be baptized. And for a person to be baptized, they have to tell their spouse. So we told him last Sunday that if he wanted to be baptized, he would have to tell her. We didn’t want to do anything behind her back. Well he did NOT want to tell her. We had a lesson with him Tuesday where we tried to explain to him why he had to tell her, but he just didn’t understand and didn’t want to do it. He told us he was afraid that she would make fun of him a little and that would make him angry. At the end of the lesson, we were pretty frustrated. We thought that he would need more time before getting baptized. He was dead set on not telling her. Then, almost at the end of the lesson, Hermana Santizo felt a very strong prompting to tell him that sometimes we have to make sacrifices. She told him that people had made fun of her for being a member, for having standards, for not drinking, ect. but that she wouldn’t trade being a member for anything. As soon as she started to speak, I started to cry because I felt the spirit so strongly. After she spoke, Hermano Raul changed completely. He said "You know what. I’ll tell my wife right now". He did a 180 in 1 second! We couldn’t believe it. In that moment, he called his wife over and told her that he was going to be baptized! It was so crazy and unbelievable! We were so happy and it was such an unforgettable experience. We as missionaries, don’t really have any power. The spirit has the power. The spirit changes people’s hearts. The day of Raul’s baptism was so nice! A lot of members came to support him, and he was so happy! Yesterday after his confirmation, they also gave him the Aaronic Priesthood! We are so happy for him!

Today we had cambios!

(Our last district meeting, the zone leaders came to celebrate with us!)

(our district + the zone leaders)

(our last picture – han santizo & hna castañon are opening an area called Hueyotlipan)

(With hermana Alvarez – she finished her mission today!)

So I have news… I will be training a new missionary!! I will be staying here in Xona until October. Our mission president called me Wednesday night to tell me that I would be training! I’m kind of nervous, but excited! My new companion’s name is Hermana Castro. She is from the Dominican Republic!!

​(Hermana Castro and I)

She seems really sweet and I know we’re going to keep seeing miracles in Xonacatepec! Please keep praying for us that we can find the people who are prepared to receive and accept the gospel!!

Hope y’all are doing well!!

Hermana Zutz


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