Say no to the coffee


Well we had a pretty good week this week! It was a little hard because we had a ton of appointments fall through, but we’ve still been able to see some miracles!!

The Fernandez family is doing well! We had some really good lessons with them this week! The 2 girls also were able to attend the Youth Conference this week – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. They had a lot of fun. Their parents are happy because they like that the church teaches their children good values. We also taught them about the word of wisdom this week. The dad told us that he drank about 7 cups of coffee a day and every once in a while smoked. But after teaching them about the word of wisdom, he told us that he would give up coffee and smoking- and he’s done it! His wife told us that when they went to the grocery store, she asked him jokingly, “Aren’t you going to buy your coffee?” and he responded “Coffee? I don’t drink coffee!” He hasn’t drunken coffee in about 4 or 5 days! What a miracle!! They are a really great family and are reading their Books of Mormon, praying, and receiving lots of blessings! They weren’t able to come to church this past Sunday because they had to work, but keep praying for them so that they can attend church and be baptized as a family!!

We had another miracle! We were walking Saturday night to an appointment, and I had a really strong feeling to go knock on the door of one of our investigators, Guadalupe (the one who showed up to church unexpectedly last week). I thought it was weird because she’s never home Saturday nights, she gets home really late. But the feeling was so strong that we went and knocked on her door, and she was home! She asked why we had come since we didn’t have an appointment, but we told her that we felt we needed to visit her. She let us in, and we had a really great lesson about the sacrament. The spirit was so strong. We talked about the story of the 10 lepers that Jesus healed. 9 of them went off happy, but one turned back to thank Him. After talking about the atonement, we asked her if she wanted to be like the 9 lepers. Obviously she said no, and we invited her to come to church so she could take the sacrament and thank Jesus Christ for what he did for her. She accepted and came to church again! It was such a great experience!

(on exchanges with Hermana Ferniza, and Guadalupe, our investigator!!)

We are doing well. Working hard each and every day! Keep praying for us!

Hermana Zutz

(their last district meeting ever… celebrated with cake!)

(Normal district)

(Real district!)

(Reunited in our trio!! – I tried to be short and they tried to be tall!) We had a meeting for trainers and trainees so I got to see Hna Santizo and Hna Castañon again!!



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