Even more miracles!!

So we had an awesome week this week in Xonacatepec!!

We saw some awesome miracles this week…

Tuesday, before leaving the house, we decided to do a "covenant prayer" – Basically we promise God in a prayer to contact a certain number of people, do a certain thing, ect, and in return we ask him to bless us with something specific. Well on Tuesday we promised to contact 30 people and in return we asked for a golden investigator that could be baptized in 3 weeks. We started off working and were able to contact those 30 people! We were happy that we accomplished our goal, but at the end of the day, we didn’t feel like we had found anyone that was golden. But we kept hoping that one would turn up. Tuesday in the afternoon, we got a text from a guy saying that he had been baptized in another stake about 5 years ago, but that he had distanced himself from the church and wanted to return. He had talked with one of the missionaries who had taught him, and that missionary researched and found our phone number to give to him. He wanted us to come visit him. We made an appointment for Thursday, and when we got to his house, his wife opened the door. Her name is Xochitl (pronounced "So-cheel"). She invited us in and began to tell us that her and her husband had had some problems, but that now all they wanted was to have an eternal family and be sealed! She isn’t a member, and she asked us when was the soonest she could be baptized. Our Golden Person!!! We told her the requirements, and she has a baptismal date for 3 weeks from now! She is so willing to do everything and she has amazing faith! What a miracle! The first thing that we did when we got home that night was kneel down and say a prayer to thank Heavenly Father for such a miracle! Hermana Xochitl came to church this Sunday and loved it!

We also had a fun missionary activity- we organized an open house in the church. We gave tours through the church, explaining a little bit about what we believe and do. It was really great! All the missionaries from the stake came to help us. Lots of members came too to decorate rooms for primary, young men/young women, family history, relief society, ect. There were two Elders dressed in white that ushered people to where the baptismal font is and explained to them the importance of baptism. The young men and young women from the ward were contacting people outside with us and trying to get people to come in. It was really fun and some really interested people came in! Our Ward Mission Leader took a lot of pictures, but he hasn’t sent them to us so I think I’ll send them next week.

The Fernandez Family is doing well. It’s a little hard because the mom has had to go to Mexico City the past 2 sundays and hasn’t been able to go to church with her family. The dad and the 2 daughters came, and the son is still on vacation. We hope and are praying that they can all come to church as a family and get baptized as a family. Keep praying for them!

Guadalupe wasn’t able to come to church this week, because some of her aunts have been in the hospital. But we are seeing a lot of progress with her so that’s exciting!

Next Sunday Hna Castro & I will be speaking in Sacrament Meeting. We will be speaking on missionary work (of course), and our mission president is coming to speak with us too! Pray for us that we’ll be able to motivate the members to share the gospel!

I think that’s about all I have to say. I hope you guys are doing well!

Hasta luego,

Hna Zutz

Today we had a district activity – our district is now 12 because our other district leader and his companion closed their area. We played volleyball with waterballoons and towels.. haha launching the balloons from the towels over the net, and ate tacos and watched the jungle book. haha it was fun

still missing one elder who didn’t get in the picture in time

Something interesting we found… here in Mexico the catholics are really attached to "The Virgin of Guadalupe" – basically the virgin mary. There are pictures of her EVERYWHERE, including shrubbery lol


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