Dos guatemaltecas y una güera :)

Hola a todos!

Ya me dio un poquito mas de tiempo! Sorry I started to write in Spanish haha sometimes I get confused. So we just finished a training session for our new companion, Hermana Castañon! She is from Guatemala City, Guatemala. I don’t know why, but I think I’m destined to have Guatemalan companions for the rest of my mission hahaha. That’s ok, I like it 🙂

(Hermana Santizo, Hermana Castañon, and I)

We will be in a trio for 2 weeks until transfers, then I will be staying in Xona and Hna Santizo & Hna Castañon will be opening another area! I think it’ll be fun!

So our investigators are doing really well. We have luckily found some GOLD here in Xonacatepec (Irma and Raul!)

They both came to church this week and are preparing to be baptized! Like I said, Irma’s baptism is this Saturday! Please pray for her that nothing will impede her to be baptized! She is super duper sweet and loves the church. When our ward mission leader asked her how she was this Sunday, she replied "with a lot of joy!". I feel so blessed that we were able to find and teach her and see her take the most important decision she’ll take in her life, to get baptized!!

Raul is also doing really well. We have lessons with him practically every day. He loves learning and he get’s so happy when we teach him something new. He has some really deep doctrinal questions and I love his enthusiasm to always learn more. Yesterday after taking the Sacrament at church, he turned to the hermano at his side and asked him if there was anything special in the water, because when he drank it, he felt like his temperature went up. The hermano explained to him that it was just plain water hahaha. In our sunday school class, hna santizo and I taught a lesson on the sacrament. When Raul told us that story, we were able to explain to him that he was feeling the spirit. Although the water is just plain water, it is blessed and sanctified to represent the blood of Jesus Christ, which was shed for us as an atonement for our sins. When we take the sacrament, we can take that time to remember the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross. It is a moment so special, and a moment where we can really feel the Holy Ghost. That was what Raul was feeling. We then invited him and all of the class members to come to church every week so that they could feel the spirit!!

We are doing great here! I love being a missionary, and I can’t believe that this Wednesday, I’ll have a year here in the mission. It has gone by so fast!

Hope you are all doing well!

Hermana Zutz

Viva Las Vegas!!

Hola Everyone!

So we had a GREAT week here in Xonacatepec. We did some exploring in our area. Whave 7 pueblos that are far away and we went looking for people to teach in one of them! The name of the Pueblo is Las Vegas hahaha!!

(View from Las Vegas)

​(Viva las Vegas!)

This week I also had to go to immigration to renew my visa! We waited a really long time, but everything turned out well 🙂 I can officially stay in Mexico until July 2018!

​(Celebrating our new visas and almost completing 1 year in the mission!)

So I have some news…. we are going to be in a trio! A new missionary is arriving today, and she will be coming with us! Since she is arriving in the middle of a transfer, she will be staying with us for 2 weeks until transfers come. So that’s something new! I’m excited although it’ll be kinda weird to be walking around with 2 companions haha!

So I don’t have a ton of time to write, but our investigators are doing well. Irma will be baptized this Saturday! She is so excited! She passed her interview and everything so we are getting everything ready for her baptism! Raul is also doing well. He is really excited for his baptism too, which will probably be the next weekend (July 15th)!

If I have more time to write a little later, I’ll write a little more!

Hna Zutz

This week in Xonacatepec…

Hey everyone!

Well we had a really good week this week! We have been working really hard and walking A LOT. I think I’m going to have Hulk legs when I leave Xona haha! There isn’t a lot of public transportation, so we walk EVERYWHERE. But that’s okay!

Something funny… I have fallen down here like 4 times. Not just tripped (I trip every day – the sidewalks are everything but level here), but fallen down and laid there haha. So our ward mission leader made me set the goal to not fall down for an entire week. I haven’t met the goal yet. This past week I made it all the way to Saturday afternoon, and then I ate it because there was a hole in the sidewalk and I stepped in it. But I will try again this week haha! (The good thing is, I haven’t hurt myself yet)

Today we went to Flor del Bosque, a public park. I went there in like october so you might recognize some of the stuff in the pictures. We had a fun day 🙂

(Hermana Zutz ft. La Malinche)

(We travel by coyote here 🙂 p.s. please ignore the weird tan lines on my feet)

(¿aguila o sol?)

(Peacock in spanish is "pavo real" – literally "real turkey"… I don’t know why)

I forgot to mention this last week, but last week we had a zone conference, and Elder Pino from the 70 came to visit us! It was really awesome. He is from Venezuela, but is serving over the Mexico Area. He and his wife talked to us about a ton of things, and we learned a lot!! One of my favorite things that he told us was “You guys have nothing else to do, from the minute you wake up until the minute you go to sleep, than build up the kingdom of God.” That’s so true!! That’s the only thing we do here as missionaries – all day, every day! And the time that we have to be able to do that is extremely short. This Wednesday, I will have a year here in the mission! How crazy!! The time goes sooooo fast. I feel like it was yesterday that I arrived at the MTC haha! The other night I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking so much about how little time I have left here. Only 4 transfers!! I don’t know where all the time went. But I’m going to make the best of what’s left!!

This week we had exchanges, and I went to the area of our sister training leaders with Hermana de la Cruz. We worked hard, and got soaked by some hurricane-like storm that came out of nowhere! We managed to hide from the store a little bit in a store, and taught a lesson to the lady who works there. But we had a good day!

(Hermana de la Cruz with her backpack under her rain poncho)

​But we have seen some real progress with our investigators, especially Irma & Raul!

Irma is super excited to be baptized. She asked us to write the day of her baptism on a piece of paper really big so she could put it on her fridge so she wouldn’t forget the date!! She will be baptized July 8! Please keep praying for her that she will be able to be baptized that day! She really likes everything she is learning with us and in the church!

Raul is also doing really well! He is 62 years old, and he accepted a date to be baptized! We had a lesson with him, and even before inviting him to be baptized on a specific date, he brought it up himself! He’s always a step ahead of us haha! He told us “I’ve looked around at different churches for a long time, different philosophies, ect. and I think I’ve finally reached an age where I need to make a decision. I can’t play around anymore. I would like to be baptized in your church. I want to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” We were just shocked hahaha! Like adelante hermano! He had asked in a prayer if the church was true and if he was doing the right thing listening to us and going to our church. He had a dream where he walked with his son into a church, and his son told him that he was on the right path. He said that was his answer, because we found him while actually looking for his son. He said that afterward, he dreamed that Hna Santizo and I were walking beside him, we came to a door, and when we opened the door, behind it was the whole universe. He said he felt the spirit really strongly and that God had given him the answer that he was doing the right thing. He accepted to be baptized July 22nd! He loves learning about the gospel, and wants us to visit him on a daily basis so he can learn more! He is awesome!! Please pray for him too that he can be baptized that day!

The Lord has given us lots of miracles here. I love being a missionary!

Have a great week!

Hermana Zutz

Pictures June 26


Our view of the volcano this week

Chicharron con salsa (aka fried pig skin in salsa… the worst)

Really good salad!!

Hermana Linda!! (She and her husband David got baptized my first weeks in Bosques!) She is now 2nd counselor in the Relief Society!

(trying to take pictures on the train tracks haha)

Muchos milagros!

Hey everyone!

Good news: we now have running water and electricity!! woohoo!

(On the outskirts of our area!)

I feel that this past week is going to be one of the weeks I’m going to remember most of the mission. There are many challenges in this area, but we also see a ton of miracles. People here are a little difficult because they often lie to us, aren’t there when we have appointments, or always cancel on us. This week we experienced many of those challenges. It’s a little frustrating because we really love and plan for our investigators, and when they’re not home, or don’t keep their commitments, we feel sad L . But I have seen that after all those challenges, the miracles always always always come. The sister found last week, Irma, is progressing well. She already prayed and already has an answer that the Church is true, even though she can’t read. We spoke with the ward council so that the relief society sisters can go and read the book of mormon with her. She is a miracle for us. We also found another investigator when we knocked on his door looking for a referrel (his son). His name is Raul. We had 2 lessons with him this week, and before inviting him to church on Sunday, he invited himself haha!. When we called to confirm that he would come with us on Sunday, it made me very happy to hear a "Yes, I will be there!" with so much excitement. He came early, stayed 3 hours, and in the Gospel principles class, expressed to the ward mission leader that we had come to his door at the perfect moment that he needed us, and felt something when he listened to us that he had never felt before. He was very happy and said that the sacrament meeting was very nice. We’re seeing a lot of progress with him! Last miracle: yesterday evening, no one was home. After knocking on lots of doors and getting wet from the rain, we decided to look for a former investigator. The street she lives on has a gate, and as we came up to the gate, we saw a guy on a mototcycle from a pizzeria honking his horn (they deliver pizzas on motorcycle, not in a car here). I asked what house he was looking for so we could knock on their door and so that she wouldn’t have to get off his bike. When we knocked on their door, a man came out. We told him that his pizza was waiting for him, and he told us “Sisters!! Come inside!! My wife is there!” We had never seen him before, but we went in, and he told us that he used to be a member of the church, but that his wife wasn’t a member. They told us that they would like us to come to give the lessons to his wife. I know that scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 58 is true: “3 Ye cannot behold with your natural eyes, for the present time, the design of your God concerning those things which shall come hereafter, and the glory which shall follow after much tribulation.4 For after much tribulation come the blessings.” I will always keep this scripture in mind when we have a difficult day. The Lord gives us miracles according to our obedience and faith! And we have seen many miracles here!

I hope you guys are doing really well and that yall had a good Father’s Day. Give you dad a hug!!

Hermana Zutz

(one of our investigators gave me a barbie from Oaxaca, Mexico)

(spaghetti tacos a real thing!)

(Tostadas… mmmm 🙂

Great first week in Xonacatepec!!

Buenas Tardes!!

So we had a great week here in Xona!! And it was great to start out in the area with a baptism!! an Hermana named Nayeli got baptized! She has a really long story, so I’ll try to tell it all!

Nayeli’s husband, Kemish, is a member for all his life! Nayeli had listened to the missionaries like 4 times, but was a really hard investigator and said she was never going to get baptized. Well my companion, Hermana Santizo, told me that before I got here, her and her other companion had been kind of depressed about the lack of baptisms/progress in the area. So they decided one day to fast for just one person, one golden investigator that could be baptized. Well turns out about 3 days after their fast, they were in an Oxxo (a convenient store), and Kemish and Nayeli came up to them. Nayeli asked if they could visit her, and when they went, she said that they had been going through some family problems, and that she had prayed to know what to do. After praying, she felt that she should talk to the missionaries again, and said that the next time she saw them, she would talk to them. Well long story short, she was baptized in about 3 weeks! Hermana Santizo said that she was super prepared and that she was an answer to the fast they had done. How awesome, right? Hermana Nayeli is so sweet, and was so ready to be baptized. The baptism was beautiful. Hermano Kemish got to baptize her, and when he said the opening prayer, you could hear the tears in his voice. He was so happy that after so many years of praying that his wife would accept the gospel, she finally did. They are a beautiful family and I feel so blessed that I was able to attend her baptism!

(Hermana Santizo, Nayeli, Kemish, and I )

We have seen some crazy things this week. I’ll start off with another miracle! This week we got a referral from a member to go and teach her friend. The member told us that her friend was waiting for us, so we dropped everything and ran over to the appointment. Her friend was waiting for us when we got there. Her name is Irma, and she’s 67 years old. She told us that she was going through a lot of problems, and that she was so glad that after talking to her friend, her friend sent us over there to see her. In the first lesson, she accepted a baptismal date, and when she said yes, she started to cry. The next day, she came to Nayeli’s baptism and was so thrilled to see it. She said she was really excited for her own baptism! and on Sunday, she got to church 15 minutes early and stayed the whole 3 hours. She is GOLDEN! She was literally a miracle, and I know she’s going to progress really quickly. She said she was going through some things, and din’t know where to go, but thought about visiting her friend. She didn’t know why she should visit her, but she did, and from that visit we got to meet her. Please pray for her that she can keep progressing!

We have also been having some problems in our house. We currently don’t have electricity or running water. They’re not really sure what happened, but the government workers are supposed to come out and fix it (hopefully we don’t have to wait too long – you know how government workers are… haha). So that has been kind of hard because we walk around like blind people at night, and we have to take water out of the "sisterna" (it’s like a little well that all the houses have here) with buckets. So we are showering with ice-cold bucket water in the dark hahaha. These are things that only happen in the mission haha. You gotta love being a missionary 🙂

But we have had a great week nonetheless. The ward is really excited to do missionary work, and we have an awesome ward mission leader! Although Xona is really close to where I started, it’s like a whole new world here. I like the area a lot 🙂

Have a great week (and be grateful for electricity and running water!!)

Hermana Zutz

(The sisters from Bosques!)

(Our view of La Malinche)

(It’s rained sooo much)

(Although we have umbrellas, the wind always gets my pants wet haha)


This week we had the baptism of an hermana named Nayeli! She was a miracle!!

Un angelito 🙂

Kemish (Nayeli’s husband), Joaquin (their son – he’s 4 years old), and Nayeli

The family!


Nayeli with Hermano Kemish and Kemish’s Mom

Todos felices!!

Hasta Luego, Camino Real!


I had transfers, and you won’t believe where they sent me…

Xonacatepec (pronounced “Shone-a-cat-eh-peck)

Which shares a chapel with Bosques! I am basically back in Bosques haha! I couldn’t believe it when they told me. And some really good news: I’m now in the same ward as Hermana Tere and Hermano Fernando again! They lived in Bosques, but recently moved into the neighboring ward… Xonacatepec! How crazy right??? Hna Tere and Hno Fer were soooo excited too haha! It’s kind of weird being back here… It brings back a lot of memories. But I’m really excited to work here 🙂

My new companion is Hermana Santizo. She is from Guatemala! She has 3 months in the mission – she just finished her training. She’s really nice and I’m excited to be with her! I don’t have a picture with her, but I will send one next week!

Today I had to say goodbye to Hermana Ortiz 😦 It was super sad, I’m going to miss her a ton!! I’m planning a trip to Guatemala when I get back 😉

We had a good week this week! We had an awesome experience. A couple of weeks ago, Hermana Garcia contacted a 17 year old girl named Yareli in a combi, and we finally we able to have a lesson with her this past week (we realized that we had been knocking on the wrong door the whole time and finally found the right house haha!). We taught a simple lesson about the restoration, and after Yareli said the closing prayer, she started to cry. She told us “I don’t know why I’m crying, I just feel something I can’t explain.” The spirit was really strong. We were able to explain to her that she was feeling the spirit. It was such a cool experience!!

So I’m definitely sad to leave Camino Real – especially our converts 😦 They’re all doing really well – Hermana Paola is doing great! Hermana Andrea is doing a ton of Family History, The Ortega Family is preparing to go to the temple and the Ñoma Family is doing well too!!) I know I have a lot of houses here in Mexico 🙂

I’ll let you guys know how it goes here in my new area next week 🙂

Con mucho cariño,

Hermana Zutz

Last District meeting